The first ATR-420 aircraft of Cape Verde Airlines (CVA) arrived Tuesday at Praia .

The first ATR-420 aircraft that will provide daily air connections between Cape Verdean island Sal, where the hub of Cape Verde Airlines (CVA) is installed, and the islands of Santiago and Sao Vicente arrived Tuesday at Praia .


With a capacity of 48 passengers, it will be operated by Portuguese airline Leasefly, a CVA partner in the process of installing the international air hub on the island of Sal.


According to the president of CVA, this first ATR4-320 will be used “in daily connection with the hub”, which when fully operational will involve four flights in the early morning: between Sal and the city of Praia (capital , Santiago Island) and return, and between the Sal hub and São Vicente, with a return to Sal.


These four flights will be repeated daily, in the early evening, between Sal and Praia, returning to Sal, and then between Sal and São Vicente, also returning to the hub.


At present, inter-island air connections are provided only by Binter, but the Cape Verdean Government has insisted that the market is open to new operators.


05 August 2019
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