Discover the island of Sal essentially a beach resort with long stretches of white sand and an abundance of water sports, Sal is really an island for beach lovers as most of the island’s sights and attractions can be seen in half a day. By night, Santa Maria, the main tourist area in Sal, boasts a lively atmosphere with a good choice of bars and restaurants. Santa Maria is the biggest and most popular tourist resort in the Cape Verde islands. The resort attracts a lot thanks to its direct flights from everywhere in Europe. The beautiful 8 km long white sand beach is the main attraction with it’s warm clear waters. Santa Maria came into existence to house the workers from the nearby salt pans, which were constructed at the beginning of the 19th century. the tourist resort has grown parallel with the beach at either side of Santa Maria village itself – most of the luxury hotels are at the western end.


The island is 35 km long and about 12 km wide. It is one of the three sandy eastern islands (Sal, Boa Vista and Maio) of the archipelago, with white sandy beaches . The island is fairly flat, with the highest elevation being 408 m at Monte Grande. Serra Negra has a height of 92 m.

Sal is one of five islands that have one or more surrounding islets, the largest being Ilhéu Rabo de Junco.


In recent years, trees started to appear in the smallest parts of the island, as of 2015, trees became dominant in most of the dry streams and within riverbeds. In the south, trees are founded particularly in resort areas. The north and the northeast remains not to be forested.


Sal Island has on average 350 days of sunshine a year. Winds mainly blow from the northeast. However, some days do also have clouds, but they tend to be scattered and seldom bring rain. The 'rainy season' is from July to mid-October, although rainfall is still low.

Saline marshes can be found in the Pedra de Lume crater and north of Santa Maria.


On the Island of Sal we offer following services:


Island adventure

from 95€ /Buggy



from 53€/person


Off-Road Island Tour

from 75€ /person


from 75€/jet ski

Day Tour 

Mirages & Salinas

from 43€ /person

Half Day Tour 

Mirages & Salinas

from 35€ /person


from 85€ /person



from 60€ /person

Shark watching

from 25€ /person

Turtle walk

from 35€ /person

Hiking & trekking

from 35€ /person

Horse riding

from 40€ /person

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