Visit Island of Brava - practically the whole island is a stratovolcano. It lies in the lee of the enormous Fogo volcano. Volcanic activity on the island has been mainly located along three lines, which all intersect at the crest of ground that forms the highest part of the island.


Brava has no documented historical eruptions, but its youthful volcanic morphology and the fact that earthquake swarms still occur indicate the potential for future eruptions, its last eruption was during the Holocene era. North of Brava are two small islands with four uninhabited islets; three of them are west of Ilhéu de Cima, the islands are Ilhéu Grande, Brava is being one of five main islands that have a surrounding islet or two.


The island's main town is Vila Nova Sintra. Key inhabited places include the village of Vila Nova Sintra. All of the five main villages lie north of the mountaintop, which has four main roads including Furna - Vila Nova Sintra and Fajã de Agua and south to Nossa Senhora do Monte and slightly south of the mountaintop, some of them are by the shore. The mountain valleys dominate the south, the east and the west. The north has a few valleys. Monte Fontainhas is the highest point on the highland elevating 978 metres.


The village of Furna has a commercial port, the other is Fajã de Agua which is only used for fishing. Precipitation arrives from the trade wind clouds. The island is covered with a leeward cloud so that evaporation is reduced and the vegetation is more abundant.


The main harbour of Brava is Furna, on the east coast of the island. Buses and taxis are common, especially when the Kriola ferry arrives in port.

On Brava the villages may be reached by "Aluguer" bus. There is no fixed schedule, as the aluguers travel only when there are sufficient passengers. A few taxis are available as well.

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