Happy New Year!

In São Vicente, the stage is already set for another popular dance to welcome the year 2019. The place of the party that has attracted thousands of people from year to year is in Rua de Lisboa. As an alternative to "famous" private balls in hotels, with prices ranging from four to seven thousand escudos. An initiative of the Mindelense building that has merited the support of those who seek something different.


This year the show will be exclusively guaranteed by the "silver" of the house, with highlight to Djodje, Dênis Graça, Dudu Araújo and Edson Oliveira. Artists from São Vicente who came to prestige the island with its successes and, importantly, entrance is free for those who make this choice.


Before that the focus will be centered, as it is tradition, in the Marginal Avenue. Thousands of Saint Vincent's, from the youngest to children and teenagers, with many foreigners in the middle, as well as the immigrants who came to kill homesick, all roads will lead to the Avenue. This is still before midnight. Incidentally the correct thing is to say that from the 23 hours the movement begins in the place. The expectation is great, the timing is one of the most awaited of the month, if not the year.


That's what's going to happen at midnight on 31st December. Thousands of people annually choose the city to watch the fireworks and also without forgetting the sea bath that many stubborn take, every year to, according to them enter the new year with "soul washed."


Source: Noticias do Norte


31 December 2018
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