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Be there, be involved! Join the traditional events:


- carnival in Mindelo or on Sao Nicolau (february or march)

- festival of St.John on Santo Antao or on Sao Vicente (june)

- festival kavala in Mindelo (july)

- festival Baia das Gatas on Sao Vicente (august)

- Mindelact (september)

- new year's eve parties in Mindelo (december)


– Cape Verde’s cultural center, Mindelo is the homeland of poets and musicians including         Cesária Evora


– The candy-colored colonial buildings, the peaceful harbor and the industrial port are               testimonies of the rich past of the city which was in the late 19th century a coaling station       for the British ships


– Visit a sugar cane plantation and taste the local grogue or pontche

– Fontainhas : an unforgettable scenery experience passing through landscapes and                 villages

- Taste the local gastronomy while visiting eco-farms.


The cultural tour 7 nights


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